SKYFIRE SVM-0 CNC Milling Machine is a rigid, accurate and powerful compact size CNC milling machine for small production, modeling, hobby usage and education. Standard configuration for most applications. Many options available to customize your machine.


SKYFIRE SVM-1P CNC Milling Machine is an excellent, high-speed and precision CNC milling machine. It's powerful and easy to use. It can be widely used in home, workshops, factories, production lines, labs, CNC educational institutions etc.

SKYFIRE SVM-2 CNC Milling machine line.

Simply the Best medium sized CNC milling machine available in standard, economic and high-end configuration. Widely used in workshops, mold factories, metalworking production lines, labs, CNC educational institutions.


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Skyfire is an unique team in CNC community. We proudly present our own developed SKYFIRE series CNC machines from bench-top to industrial size.  We are seeking the best combination of aesthetics and machine performance.  Skyfire provides high quality machines with lots of performance upgrades combined with typical Skyfire service and support. More....