Browse through all available upgrade and spare parts for your machine.


Choose from stepper motor upgrades to hybrid steppers with closed loop position control to the drivers or industrial servo motors. No more missing steps!


Select your spindle when configuring your machine, pneumatic and electrical power draw bar available in case you do not have access to compressed air in the shop.


Upgrade the standard linear rails class H to class P or select precision ground ball screws for machining with even tighter tolerances.

SKYFIRE CNC machines line-up currently consists of the SVM series Vertical CNC Milling Machines.


Heavy duty castings, all linear rails, hybrid stepper / servo motors with closed loop position feedback to the driver, several spindle options ranging from ER32 up to BT30 with or without Power Draw Bar (pneumatic or electric) are just a few options our machines have to offer.


Configure your own machine with the many upgrades we have to offer to suit your needs or just add your own electronics to use with Mach 3 or Mach4 or add your own steppers or servos. It's all possible with Skyfire CNC machines!

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Skyfire is an unique team in CNC community. We proudly present our own developed SKYFIRE series CNC machines from bench-top to industrial size.  We are seeking the best combination of aesthetics and machine performance.  Skyfire provides high quality machines with lots of performance upgrades combined with typical Skyfire service and support. More....